A secret helper…..

So… After a few weeks of getting settled in to our new home, I got talking to our site manager who seemed to show a lot of interest in the van “I’ve always fancied one of these….” and so began a lovely friendship.  “If there is anything you need give me a shout…”.

Now, working on a building site, I did wonder what he could offer, but I wanted to build a long bench seat to run along the side of the van, so I asked for abit of wood.

My god, he didn’t fail me, I think I’ve still got some of it left, and I’ve changed the interior since. I also put together a larger unit at the back for abit more storage space.

All this wood needed abit of brightening up, so abit of sticker bombing took hold, and being a bit of a Marvel fan, demolished a duvet and covered the seat foam.

Aso having a little dog, thought it best to install some grass in the back, to act as a big mat I could shake out.



Needless to say this interior stayed for a little while until we started to use the van, and found the storage needed to change…



Where to start?…..

So… as you read on my previous blog, it was owned buy a builder at some point, and I was left all the history of it. It was your typical builders van, dust everywhere, old drill bits, receipts, and a healthy supply of old spilt drinks over the cab floor…. but alas Lario was due for a makeover

Lauren, my wife, removed alot of the old wooden panels and the boxed wheel arches, hoovered and brushed him out till he was gleaming.

Next up was the insulation, packed into every open section of bodywork, replyed, and carpeted, it was starting to look like a camper!…. now at this point we had problems, the chap that had installed the window for me had done abit of a useless job, and taken too much metal from the side, result, window didn’t fit correctly, and leaked… never fear!, up steps Dad and his trusty sealant..

Time for a bed.. a call to Toby at T4life in Goosnargh, Preston and he hooked me up with a 3/4 rock and role bed. Can’t fault anything that Toby does, as genuine as they come and an absolute dubnut www.t4life.co.uk

In amongst all this bus building, we moved into our new build house… enter our site manager. 😊

Who is Lario?!

So, who is this Lario character, what does he look like?, what does he do?….

Well, Lario is my 1999 VW T4 Transporter, I think there must be an unwritten rule somewhere that states all VW’s or Dubs, as they are known, must be given a name, ours is Lario. He gained his name as a reminder of the holiday we had in Italy, he was named after the many coaches that ran under the name LarioBus.


Needless to say, he didn’t start out as the van you see today.  I bought Lario almost 6 years ago now, from just over the border in Wales.

I spotted an advert while working down in Portsmouth of a chap selling VW Transporters, and this one caught my eye.  Blue T4, side window fitted, colour coded bumpers, I just had to see it.  So a call was made, and a 600+ round journey was completed resulting in me coming away with my new van.

The idea was, at the time, to use ol’ Lario to carry around the parts for our current project we had on the go, a 1979 Devon Moonraker “Ollie”, currently 4 years into a restoration project, however it was just getting silly expensive and so had to let him go. Fortunately he didn’t go far a colleague at work took on the task so I can at least see him back to his former glory.

So, Lario… he was a basic builders van, or so the MOT told me, and the 3″ of cement dust in the back,  he also spent time with a florist, I think this was his later job, as there were still petals in the back.  All fully ply lined, as most vans are….

We set about removing all the panels and was pleasantly surprised to find a genuine rust free load area, so after a good brush out, the journey to the bus you see today begins…..!


To be continued!..